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Your weekend is over and you are back to your workstations. It may sound monotonous and dull, but as we bring to you another inspiring young lady from our “Women at Their Creative Best” series, your zeal for your work will get a great push.

Risa Bags by Sis Duo Riddhima & Saloni!

Women and bags have a great connection. Wherever we go, a chic bag turns out to be our best companion. And why not? After all, it’s a bag that suffices all our needs, and additionally, gives ‘nice to hear’ complements for our personality. But now you have a good reason to flaunt a nice genuine (check the later part of this feature) leather bag that is  not only different, but also, in true sense, meets all your standards of quality at a desired price tag! Risa, by Riddhima  & Saloniis a new brand to look for!!
Keeping all this in mind, we landed up a Risa’s work unit, and precisely at the workstations of Riddhima, who heads the brand.

Riddhima With her Karigars… Creativity on it’s Way!!

Meeting this ‘quite’ a young entrepreneur, we were actually wondering if she has someone senior as a guide. But, NO! Riddhima, a young girl from Jalandhar, who belongs to a family that’s into export business, precisely into leather, is successfully running her new little venture Risa (on it’s way to turning big ) from the capital. And look who is her partner? Her own younger sister, still a student, Saloni, who especially look after the marketing and E-commerce side of their business. Now isn’t it inspiring? Well, there is a lot more on this story.
” Our father is into leather business, particularly into tannery, and so we have seen the functionality of this business. Since we daughters are the only kids to him, he wanted us to join him, and help him. After working with his export unit, I got a fair idea of leather industry, and decided to launch my own brand. “Risa” is all about designer bags, especially into pure leather, and we take orders online, and also have been participating in various exhibitions for some time. “

Riddhima and Saloni (in pics) are living in Delhi independently, taking care of their niche brand, carefully, and in a very organized way viagra genérico españa. ” Right now we sell through exhibitions and online, but yes we do have plans to get into retail later. It would be too early to jump into any such thing. and, since we have go a good response on the exhibitions, whether Kolkata, Delhi or any other city, we are satisfied.”

One of Their Latest Collections

Risa bags have all that any working woman, college girl, or a bride to be would need. We especially liked the way the brand is playing with colours. From beige, to bright, to bling, the brand has everything. Additional, their is a lot of experiment that you get to notice in terms of texture, whether it’s the surface texture, or the sequins, or even the embroidery, you get to see a lot of play.And, all this makes each piece a ‘Fun Piece’.

Bling for This Festival Season!

Considering this a festival, wedding and party time, the brand has come out with some new and interesting pieces that you may find a breath of fresh air.

Young Entrepreneurs They are…

From the beginning of this feature we have been talking about their material, which is leather, we casually thought of asking Riddhima about how is this industry going, and how to make out which one is a genuine leather bag. What she revealed was not just shocking, but also was a kind of reality check. ” There is no doubt that every brand out their claims to be offering leather product, but today, after spending such a long time in this industry, especially when we have been exporting leather for last 2 decades, sometimes it;s really hard to make out the difference. Also, raw leather goes through so much of processing, and later their are so many thing that get added to it’s texture, that for a layman, it is nearly impossible to make out the difference. And, that”s one of the reasons there are many brands selling anything in the name of Leather,” says Riddhima.

Perfect Piece for Your Office

It is really important for you to read this line if you are planning to buy a bag soon. ” Even if you are spending  four or five thousand for a bag, for a well know brand, not necessarily you will get a genuine product.”
If you feel that Riddhima has helped you in getting the know-how of a bag that you had been flaunting thinking it’s Pure Leather, it’s time for you make sure of the product that you buy. Don’t be blinded by the brand’s name, dare ask them about the quality, and the material!!

Check out www.risabags.com to know more about the brand and their new collection…

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